Teachings and Testimonies
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One lady was saved in one of the air meeting in 2002, after being witchcraft for 43 years. She went at night to the ground of where the meeting was held. She didn’t like people to be saved nor healed. While she was at the ground, suddenly she was “surrounded” by the power of God until morning. When we met her, she said they were four, but three of them “run-away”. After confessing her sins, she gave life to Jesus, than she brought all “tools” to the meeting place and destroy by burning. She was baptized to become a Christian.

In 2004, Jesus healed a daughter of 20 years old which couldn’t go to the toilet for three years although she could eat and drink. After a long prayer, the demons left her, said that they were eating everything from her stomach.

In 2005 one lady who was married to the demon for ten years, and have one baby with, was set free by Jesus Christ after prayer. When the demon left her, than the baby “disappeared” to unknown place at the same day.

In 2007, in one of the open air meeting; people were saved and get healed by Jesus before the gospel had to start. Just before the meeting, one man came and asked me if he could be saved. I asked him to “wait”. Before I started preaching, I asked the man come to me, then I asked the crowd if there’s anybody would like to “accompany” him. Suddenly, more than 50 people came running and crying. After receiving a confession prayer, more people were healed at the same time. The meeting took only fifteen minutes, and then was over! We gave thanks to the Lord.

From 22-29/9/2013,we went to Kondoa for the crusade. Many residents were Muslim religion. At the night time we had  Jesus film show. They start throwing stones to us, but God protect us no body was injured. Every  end of the film we had a “special”  message  to them, than we gave a powerful confessing prayer to everybody than they follow the all  confessing prayer words .. We plant  word seeds to their harts and not money in the way of  giving in the way of  “panting seed by physical- “Glory to God.

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