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Ministries’ Projects

We normally travel to the rural areas by not using “our”  transport, instead,we use public transport like buses, bicycles, motorcycles or by walking that’s why we need our own transport. The ministry’s requirements in the project are:

  • Own transport, Toyota Land Cruiser Hard Top worth 65,000 USD.
  • 2 sets of preaching equipments and digital film projector worth to 16,000 USD.
  • Computer for secretarial work and producing audio tapes, CD’s and DVD’s for teachings and preaching which are supplied to all people in town and in the rural areas.
  • Dubbing and duplicating machines for mass production of audio tapes, and CDs/DVDs,
  • Printer machine for printing the CD and DVD covers, photocopy machine for tracts production ready to take to the people in the crusades and seminars. All this will make to more than 8,000 USD.
  • Radio program payments -100 USD per 30 minutes (weekly).
  • We need  2,000 USD for buying   bibles   and take to the rural areas..


  • From 2000-2008,we conducted 29 air meeting crusades, and 43 seminars.7,800 people gave life to Jesus, through film show, seminars, house to house and man to man witnessing programs.
  • 3,382 people were healed and loosened from demonic oppressions,
  • People who had incurable diseases were healed in power of Jesus name.
  • Many marriages was  restored afresh in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,
  • As a results we have many invitations through our country especially in the remote areas
  • Many people are interested in joining the ministry.

You are well come to join us for His glory.


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