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We have to travel all the way to the rural areas to preach the gospel from 7-10/11/2013 at Mbulu village than, after we will be at Singida, Iguguno village from 14-17 November 2013.

We need your prayer, but  you can contribute any amount of money so that we can work together in His field  for His glory. For more information you can visit our website: www.mgmtministry.org

Be Blessed,

Evg. Moses E. Malugu.



Bret hen,

I am traveling to West Kilimanjaro from 17-20th October 2013, I will be having a 4 days leadership  seminar  for  church leaders. You may pray for me  and if  God touches you you can send your contribution through m-pesa,0759-357561,or tigopesa 0715 517603.

Be Blessd.

Evg Moses.


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